What is AllMyGames?
AllMyGames is the free website for organizing your cross-platform game library. Import your games from all of your platforms and providers, organize your backlog, and keep track of your favorites, all in one place.
Which game libraries can I sync automatically?
Currently we support syncing your game libraries from Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and GOG. More providers will be added in the future.
Can I add games from other places?
We're working on adding the ability to automatically sync games from other platforms including Nintendo Switch, battle.net, Origin, uPlay, and Twitch. You can always add games to your library manually by pressing the Add Games button in the left-hand sidebar in your game library, or from the menu bar on mobile.
Why are some of my games missing?
On some platforms, digital games that you own won't be retrieved as part of your profile unless they've been launched at least once. If a game that you know you own and have played on your linked account isn't showing up, please contact us and we'll take a look.
How do I add games to my backlog?
Click on the game, and select 'Backlog' from the dropdown menu under the game image to add it to the top of your backlog. Games you've added to your backlog will appear in the 'Backlog' section of your game library, where you can re-order them using arrows.
Why do some of my games show up with the wrong picture?
Most of the time, we're able to identify all of your games automatically, but a small portion of games end up assigned incorrectly. This will happen less over time, but if you've found a game that seems wrong now, you can try to fix it yourself by pressing 'Wrong game data?' on the game card and selecting a better match. If none of those options look right to you, contact us and we'll take a look.
Why do some of my games show up with a placeholder picture?
If you have more than 100 games in your collection that we have not seen before, it will take us a little bit of time to fetch all the images. Over time, most pictures should appear. If you are still not seeing certain images after a few days, please contact us and we'll take a look.